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For individuals

Are you an Alumni, Young Professionals or an International Student with a Dutch connection?

Nice to meet you!

Make the most of your Dutch connections! Attend our local events and connect with leading organizations, hear inspiring talks, meet like-minded individuals… and practice some Dutch. (Don’t worry: the primary language at all our events is English.)

The benefits

  • The best way to expand your professional network.
  • The most varied network, with organizations and talent from all fields.
  • International members with a Dutch perspective.
  • Being close to opportunities at leading Dutch international companies.

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For companies

Duco is here for organizations who want to connect with talented professionals with an ‘orange heart’. Find potential colleagues and business partners with a Dutch perspective, fulfill vacancies and boost your profile!

The benefits

  • Meet new colleagues, interns and business partners.
  • Empower your team with a broad, international business network.
  • Get involved by co-hosting or sponsoring one of our meetups.

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For universities

Boost your alumni’s career! Duco gives your students and alumni access to a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations. Our meetups are the best way to discover your next opportunity!

The benefits

  • Everything you need to connect with international business partners
  • Instant access to our international network
  • A network you can trust, powered by the local NL Business Hubs
  • Presenting your masterclasses and courses to Dutch Alumni

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Around the world

There is a growing number of local chapters, supported by NL Business Hubs around the world. Don’t see your country listed? Shoot us a message so we can work on bringing Duco to you.

Duco is currently already active in:

  • Brasil
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Shanghai

Join Duco

Join Duco, make the most of your Dutch connection!  The only requirement for joining Duco is that you have studied or worked in The Netherlands, or are working at a Dutch company abroad. By registering you’ll get updates from our community and invitations to our events about once a month.